Making Money as a Mom on Your Own Terms – Amanda Goff

For this Mommy Monday, I invited Amanda Goff to talk about being a direct to consumer salesman and nutritional enthusiast. The two of us met on Instagram and connected over my need for probiotics. 😉 I asked her to share her experience as well as some tips for other mothers looking to start their own side business. Take it away Amanda…


1) Why did you start a small business?

I honestly didn’t intend to initially! I just wanted a to make a little extra money to afford these amazing supplements I had found! Once I saw how many people needed what I had and how easy it was, I started to see the potential that this could change everything for us as a family!

2) What do you want to accomplish?

I want to retire my husband from his job that takes him away from our family sometimes 70-80 hours per week! I want to help educate people about how to get healthy and help other moms have financial freedom as well.

3) When would you consider yourself a success?

When I have helped my husband to be able to retire and we feel the freedom to be able to do the things we have dreamed of doing together and for and with our children!

4) Do you find this takes away time from your family?

I have found if I  replace the unproductive time I was spending online and on social media, and turn it into productive time instead, I’m really not  taking much more time from my family! Having a schedule is also very important to make sure I am balancing my time according to my priorities.

5) Friends of realtors know not to talk about homes, does doing this effect your “adult” life?

Ha! That’s a great question A.J.! I make sure that the people in my life that are important to me  know that I care about them and our relationships apart from, aside from and in spite of my business. That being said, I have been able to help several of my friends and family get healthy and that has been such a blessing! If I have something I know can help those I care about I definitely don’t keep it to myself!

6) Why did you choose to work with the company you did?

I chose Plexus first because their products changed my life! Secondly, I saw that this company was different. Their compensation plan and the short amount of time it was taking homeschooling moms of 5 children, just like me, to get to the top of the company (Less than 2 years is the average!) was just unheard of!!

7) What’s the biggest win you’ve seen so far from all of this?

The biggest win for me so far has been the relationships I have made through this business. People have been brought across my path that probably never would’ve otherwise. I absolutely love the people I work with and the new friends I have made along the way!

8) What are you offering to the world and why are you passionate about it?

My company offers all natural supplements that get to the root issues of 80-90% of the health issues we all suffer with. I am passionate about it because I love seeing the difference it makes in people’s lives when they get healthy, feel good, and are able to get relief from issues they thought they would just have to live with forever! I’m also passionate about encouraging other women to pursue their dreams! I had quit dreaming and hadn’t even realized it, but now  I am dreaming again!

9) Do you have any tips for other parents wanting to do this?

Find a company that is still considered ground level and offers a product that is something that people truly need, then go for it! Work hard, be consistent and don’t neglect your personal growth!

10) Are there any specific challenges you’ve had to overcome that could help other parents in the same situation?

Time management is challenging for many parents, especially  parents who are small business owners. I have struggled with this as well. My advice would be to think about and write down your priorities and then write out your schedule and assign your time according to those priorities.

Check out Amanda’s store here:

Protect Your WordPress Blog, Save Your Sanity

Eagle eyed readers may notice that my site recently underwent a major transformation. That’s no accident. On the contrary, it was forced.

My web host service ( notified me that my website had been compromised by malware. To be more specific, my WordPress blog had been infected and was busy sending out spam email to heaven knows where.

The spike in traffic raised a flag, IX shut down my site, and I lost everything. The malware had been installed through brute force password cracking (a computer kept trying to log in until it guessed right, literally millions of times.) Once inside, it created an account for itself, gave it full permissions, and started executing PHP scripts while modifying the other PHP files that were there already.

PHP files are what makes WordPress function. They are basically programs that can be run server side. Once the malware virus started changing these though, it made it almost impossible to recover from. IX cleaned the server and removed the bad files, but the damage was done. The malware had changed critical WordPress PHP files and I couldn’t get them back without reinstalling everything.

If all of that sounded confusing or full of jargon, don’t worry, I only understand it because I had to. You don’t have to understand PHP though to protect yourself. Here’s three easy steps you can take right now to keep this curse from happening to you.

  1. Install a firewall program on your WordPress blog.

    Under plugins search for Firewall and find one that both stops robots from accessing your page and also limits the number of password attempts. WP Security and WordFence come highly recommended.

  2. Make your password stronger.

    Your last name combined with your birthday won’t cut it anymore. Even adding extra characters and punctuation won’t help much either. Use the password generator under Users to create a strong password. Those are usually around 16 characters and have random numbers and letters. Copy and paste into a password file if you can’t remember it.

  3. Backup your files.

    I didn’t have any backups so I had to start from scratch, however, WordPress supports backups and restores. Follow this tutorial to learn how to save your work.

Preventing an attack is much easier than recovering from one. I’m lucky that it was isolated and that I have such an awesome and supportive community, however, if I had known better earlier it would have saved a ton of stress. These steps only take a few minutes but they can save you weeks of work.

As for me, I’m making a tall pitcher of lemonade out of these lemons.