Thinking the Best of It

Hey there, it’s been a while.

I honestly don’t know what to talk about, or at least I didn’t when I started to write this. There’s a lot, and I mean a lot, of stuff going on in the world right now that I don’t like, don’t want to think about, or just plain terrifies me. We know as adults though that we somehow have to find enough inner peace to continue on with our lives, especially when others depend on us (which is everyone!)

One remarkable lesson that I have learned lately is that we are not responsible for “fixing” the world- a burden that I have shouldered on myself for a very long time. That’s not to say that we shouldn’t do good or try to improve the world, what I mean is that we are not responsible for the mess in the same way that we are not responsible for the rain. Sure, there are things we can do to prevent leaking and flooding, but eventually, it’s going to rain (unless you live in California.)

The simple truth is that we cannot do an ounce of good in the world if we aren’t right within ourselves. For how could we love another if we hate ourselves? And to clarify, I’m speaking about self-worth, not self-glorification. No one in the world benefits when you worship yourself, especially you.

Those who are familiar with my work know well where I fall on every issue in the headlines, however, my opinion doesn’t matter. What does matter is how you feel and what sort of an impact that feeling is having on your life? Are you making a positive impact? Or are you caught in a negative mire? You are the only one in your head, so hopefully, it’s a good experience. This isn’t to say that happy thoughts will fix all the world’s problems, but it’s a darn fine start, and I’d challenge anyone to point to a time where pessimism helped.

Speaking of challenges, it’s back to school time and I’m delighted at the extra love that “I Don’t Want to Go to School” has received. I’m grateful for the support and delighted that so many teachers and parents have used it to calm school anxiety. Check out the print version here if you’d like a copy for someone you love.