You’re ok where you are

I wanted to do something a little different this week and talk about a subject almost completely unrelated to my books… almost. So let me know what you think of this and if you found it helpful. After all, I’m here for you.

Lately, I have wanted change in my life. Like most people, this year so far has been enormously busy and stressful. I’m not sure the why, perhaps it’s something in the air, but everyone I know seemed driven by an invisible taskmaster that demanded nothing short of everything they had.

Unfortunately, that kind of effort can’t last. Humans are not machines, we are organic and need rest. That’s a good thing though because while people can perform functions like a machine, machines cannot create like humans can. They simply repeat patterns. For the last few decades, we as a society have been attempting to become like our computers. You know the feeling, right? Someone sends you an email and then immediately texts that they sent you an email. If you delay in any way they will call you, just to be sure. That’s a person’s expectation that you are to respond like a program; instant and obedient.

When we break away from this, when we finally say that we need rest, there’s a sense that lingers that something is supposed to happen. It’s like when you run for a mile and then suddenly stop: your legs will still want to move and will tingle to tell you so. When we stop working like crazy and push back against the world there’s a sense that we shouldn’t have, that we needed to keep going, that we needed to make sure things get better.

We’re always wrong.

I’ve met very few people in life who ended up exactly where they wanted to go. For the majority of us, we all started out one way and somehow found ourselves somewhere that we never expected. For me, it was writing children’s books. And, notwithstanding death and disease, most of us are ok.

And that’s my point in all of this. We are ok. We are ok where we are and we will be ok where we are going. The big challenge in the modern world, especially in the go-getter attitude of America, is to simply be present in the day. Today is just a day like every other day that has had the same name. You conquered those days perfectly fine and you will get through this day just as well.

We are exactly where we need to be, where we should be, and it’s our job to find the humanity, the personal connection, in that moment.

Everything else is like email. Brief, sometimes interesting, and ultimately fleeting.

2 thoughts on “You’re ok where you are”

  1. Thanks A.J. – for the very nice presentation of Alice Cotton and her books. That’s me! Ha! AND
    I am still looking for the monster in my house that took all my lost things! Thanks to your books I now know where everything is – in the stomach of a monster! I hear it once in a while but it hides before I can find it! I can’t wait until I find it!

    1. Alice, thank you so much for dropping by and sharing your work! I hope more children come to love music as much as you do.

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